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  • Restaurant

    The ingredients that thrive here in the fertile soil and the mild climate of Skåne provide the inspiration for the innovative eateries of the region’s towns and its welcoming rural restaurants. Bon appétit!

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  • Inns

    The flag has been hoisted, and murmurs and promising sounds can be heard from the dining room. The inns of Skåne are like the countryside restaurants of France – they’re worth a detour.

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  • Farm shops

    Skåne is like one large well-stocked larder. The shelves of the farm shops are packed with herbs, oils, juices and jams, freshly baked bread, and fruit and vegetables. All locally grown, of course.

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  • Café

    Heavenly cakes, classic Danish pastries topped with chocolate, or warm apple pie with vanilla sauce. All washed down with a cup of coffee. Here are the cafés of Skåne.

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  • Wineries

    Thanks to its mild climate and its extended growing season, Skåne has earned a name as Europe’s new wine district, with its own route du vin. More than twenty vineyards offer great quality wines.

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  • Coffee shop

    Skåne is famous for its many cosy coffee shops. This is where we go to recharge our batteries, sip the locally roasted Zoégas coffee and nibble on home-baked pastries. Why not join us!

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